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Chapter 1: A New Beginnning

The scene opens with a shot of a hilltop mansion, in front of which stands a big white water fountain, with water sparkling in through the darkness. Dimly lit, the rocky pathways exuded a romantic aura. A slender figure emerges from the shadows with flawless elegance.

(Romantic Music plays in the background)

Host: You’ve witnessed 4 seasons of romance, love, heartbreak, and fun, but no other season has left us with a stronger impression than last season, when the gorgeous and lovable Bernice Liu left in tears. Millions were crushed as they watched the shocking finale where Bernice’s heart was broken. This season, Bernice returns and embarks on a journey to search for her Happily Ever After. With ten guys vying for her heart, this time around our Princess will do the choosing, determining her own fate. Will the Princess find her Prince…or will she leave in tears once more? Join me, your host Ankie B., on this pathway to the unraveling of a fairytale love story on “The Final Rose”…

Ankie: First, let’s meet the guys

The scene shifts to a noisy hotel room with a bunch of half-naked guys, dressing up…zooming in on some of the guys…

Stephen H.: (flexing his left arm as he picks up his shirt) I’m really excited...just can’t wait to meet the sexy lady and to sweep her off her feet…! (flashes an electrifying glance to the camera)

Chris: (putting on his tie) I’m so anxious! I hope she’ll be the one!

Ron: (dancing around) I’m so ready to get going. (looks to the side to Raymond) You guys are so friggin slow!

Sammul: After meeting the guys, I’m feeling really confident. (looks behind him and to the side at Ron) Some of these guys have no class…no class at all… (rolls eyes and waves his hand in a feminine way)

Ron (in the background, you faintly hear his voice): Can we go yet?!

The scene shifts to a cozy looking room, adorned with a large seaside painting. In front of the crackling fireplace were two matching Victorian-styled chairs. In walks Ankie B.

Ankie B.: Now let’s welcome the beautiful and stunning Princess Bernice Liu…

(Prerecorded conversation) In walks Bernice in a simple black dress, which accentuated her curvaceous figure and she glowed with her familiar ear-to-ear smile and twinkling eyes. They both sit down.

Bernice: Hey Ankie. It’s nice to see you again.

Ankie B.: Nice to see you again too. You look gorgeous as always. I’m so glad to have you here.

Bernice: I’m glad to be here!

Ankie B.: So, let’s get down to business.

Bernice: Uh oh…(giving a goofy smile and opening her eyes wide)

Ankie B.: So, last season, you utterly left in tears and many of us were just as shocked as you were that you weren’t chosen. Now, it’s 6 months later, how do you feel about the whole experience and can you give us a little insight about what was going through your mind during the Final Rose Ceremony. You also, mentioned at the “Beyond the Final Rose” that you, had not actually been ‘in love’ with Moses, can you elaborate on that a bit?

Bernice: Waaa…. Tough questions Ankie..haha…Well, yeah. Looking back at the whole experience, I can honestly say that if you asked me if I would ever do it again, I would definitely say yes. It was a very fun experience…of course minus the heartbreak and all..haha…you know, getting to meet a bunch of girls and living with them, it felt like college all over again. To tell you the truth, the night before the Final Rose Ceremony I had a fever, and I was feeling miserable the day of. I think that had a LOT to do with my tearful break down…I mean, I was debilitated both physically and emotionally that day! As for Moses, I had felt a true connection with him….we were compatible, but I let myself get swallowed up in the emotions that the isolated environment puts us into. All I saw was what we had, but I didn’t even think about what he felt with the other girls. All I saw was us. I think that played into the heartbreak as well. I was blindsided and hence I was shocked when he didn’t choose me. So yeah, I don’t really think I was ‘in love’ with him quite…more like we were caught up in the moment. You know, when you’re in a setting where you came in with the intentions of meeting Mr. Right and there’s only one guy there and you get to go on all these amazing dates with him, it’s really hard not to fall head over heels…so I wouldn’t say it was love. Also, who wouldn’t feel hurt by a rejection in general? Especially when it’s on national TV!

Ankie B.: So how do you feel about Moses and Sonija as of right now?

Bernice: Haha…I’m genuinely really happy for them…it didn’t work out for me, but it did for them. I’m glad they found each other. Sonija and Moses are both great ppl. Actually, Sonija was my best friend in the house. She’s really a wonderful girl and we still keep in touch through email. Moses is very lucky!

(zooms to clip of Bernice and Sonija on last season)

Ankie B.: Glad to hear you’re on good terms with them. So now lets forget about Moses and talk about the 10 sizzling bachelors that have come here to meet you tonight!

Bernice: Oh yeah (eyes twinkle and smiling) I’m so ready for that (giggles)

Ankie B.: After the heartbreak last season, what brought you back this season? It didn’t work out last time, aren’t you afraid it’ll end the same way this time?

Bernice: At first, I was hesitant when the show approached me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take another chance of embarassment on TV…but after reading all the supportive messages from the viewers of the show and seeing how happy Moses and Sonija are, I decided why not give it another try? You know, they say “Whatever doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger”…haha..I’m a sucker for quotes! Maybe two times the charm! Also, a girl must be crazy to reject a chance to choose from 10 hott guys! Wait, they are hott right…they better be! haha..

Ankie B.:. Trust me, they are hott! OK Bernice, one more question before you get to meet the guys, I know you’re excited.

Bernice: You bet I am! If you didn’t say that, I would’ve jumped out of this chair and walked out the door…I can host this show myself haha!

Ankie B.: Oh my, trying to steal my job now! haha. So what are you hoping for at the end of this journey?

Bernice: Well…a new beginning? (gesturing with a big smile plastered on her beautiful face) I want to fall in love and to find a guy who’ll make me laugh and laugh with me for the rest of my life….someone who I’ll never get tired of..and who’ll never get tired of me…

Ankie B.: Well, lets hope that person is amongst the 10 gentlemen you’ll meet today…I don’t know why I’m even asking, but are you ready to meet the guys?

Bernice: Yes, I am. haha.

Scene: Shifts to the front of the mansion and coming up the candle-lit pathway are three limousines, each carrying a few of the guys. The scene changes into the inside of each of the limos in order.

Inside the limo #1 are Raymond, Ron, Stephen W. and Matthew

The guys are all crowding around the window of the limo. Through the window they see Bernice standing, waiting for them to arrive.

The guys: Wow. She’s gorgeous (mumbling) Look at that body!

Scene:The camera pans to Bernice just as Ankie is telling her that she’s about to meet the first four guys.

Bernice is now wearing a muti-shaded blue and white tube top dress with her hair brushed back. Bernice is awaiting anxiously by the water fountain. Her hands claspsed in front of her, she could feel butterflies in her stomach. Here they come. She took a deep breath and put on a smile.

The camera zooms in to the limo as the car door opens. First to the foot and then the man walking out. The first out of the limo is Ron Ng.

Ron: (walking suavely down the pathway in his black suit flashing Bernice a killer smile) Hello, I’m Ron. So I’m guessing you’re the lovely lady I’ve been dying to meet?

Bernice: Haha. Hey, I’m Bernice. And I hope I’m the one you’re here to meet!

Ron: Bernice. That’s a beautiful name, it matches you perfectly.

Bernice: Aw, thanks. (beaming)

Ron: Is it ok if I give you a twirl?

Bernice: Huh? Excuse me…a what (a confused smile on her face)…

Ron: I’m a dancer. So I was wondering if I could twirl you around… (calm and amused)

Bernice: Of course! (smiling) I LOVE dancing!

Bernice gives Ron her hand and he gently twirls her around. (all the guys in the limo are staring jealously)

Ron: Great. We’ll get along just fine then!

Bernice: Yes we will. It’s so great to meet you. I look forward to talking to you inside later on. (motions her hand towards the door)

Ron: Yes me too. (smiles and walks off into the mansion)

Bernice takes a deep sigh, smiling.

Bernice (under her breath): Wow. He’s fine.

Next out of the limo is Stephen Wong.

Stephen (walks up awkwardly): Hello (extends his hand for a handshake), nice to meet you.

Bernice: Hey, nice to meet you too. I’m Bernice…

Stephen (he nervously rushes in and cuts Bernice off): Oh, Bernice. So that’s your name. You look very nice……

Bernice:  Um…why thank you (Stephen’s awkwardness seemed contagious) the way, what’s your name?

Stephen: Omg, I’m so sorry. How could I have forgotten (slaps himself on the forehead)…I’m Stephen Wong Ka Lok…you can call me Lok or Stephen, either goes (talks fast)

Bernice: Haha. You’re really nervous aren’t you? Don’t be, I don’t bite…at least not until midnight!

Stephen: Haha. Sorry, I’m a bit nervous, I usually am not like this…you’re just so pretty… (looks down and begins to relax a little)

Bernice: Aw…you’re so sweet. Thanks. Well, Stephen, I look forward to seeing you inside.

Stephen: Ok. (walks down the path that leads to the mansion)

Camera shifts to Stephen’s Private Interview (PI) – Stephen speaking to the camera before he enters the mansion

Stephen: Wow, she’s so pretty and so nice. I really think there is hope. I just need to bring up some courage…She really calmed me down!

Next out of the limo is Raymond Lam.

Walking out of the limo charmingly in his loosely buttoned white dress shirt and tailored black suit, Raymond walked up to Bernice, flashing her a warm smile as he extended his hand to her.

Raymond: Hi. Nice to meet you. I’m Raymond.

Bernice: Oh. Hey Raymond, I’m Bernice.

Raymond: Well Bernice, you look very nice tonight. I must admit, I didn’t expect you to be so pretty.

Bernice: Aw. Thanks. I didn’t expect to see a good looking guy like you either!

Raymond: Haha. Are you just saying that cuz I complimented you? Because I mean it.(chuckles)

Bernice: (smiling) I mean it too!

Raymond: OK. I’ll hold you accountable for that. Cuz if you end up not giving me a rose tonight. I don’t guarantee what I’ll do..haha…

Bernice: Ooo…now I’m scared (sarcastically)

Raymond: You better be!

Bernice: Ok. Then, I’ll see you inside.

Raymond: OK. (chuckles as he walks into the mansion)

Next out of the limo is Matthew Ko.

Matthew: (walks up to Bernice) Hey, I’m Matthew. Pleasure to finally meet you.

Bernice: I’m Bernice. Nice to meet you too!

Matthew: Bernice? One of my good friends back home in Canada is named Bernice.

Bernice: Omg. You’re from Canada too? So am I! What part of Canada are you from?

Matthew: Haha. you’re from Canada too? I’m from Toronto, and you?

Bernice: Prince Rupert, BC. It’s nice to meet  a fellow Canadian here in Hong Kong!

Matthew: Yes it is. Does your family live there?

Bernice: Yeah, most of my family and friends are over in Canada.

Matthew: Me too!

Bernice: Oh yay, we’ll have lots to talk about inside. I can’t wait! See you inside.

Matthew: Cya. (flashes her an over the shoulder squinty smile)

Camera shifts to Bernice’s Private Interview (PI)

Bernice: haha, he looks like one of those hott guys from the Korean dramas (flashes a cute smile)

Limo #2 pulls up with Kenneth, Chris, and Vin.

First out of the limo is Chris Lai.

Chris: Hello, I’m Chris.

Bernice: Hey, I’m Bernice. Nice to meet you.

Chris: Nice to meet you too.

Bernice: How are you today? Nervous?

Chris: A little. How about you…are you overwhelmed…?

Bernice: You can say that…but it’s a good feeling… it’s nice to have met you Chris…I look forward to speaking with you inside!

Chris: Me too. (Chris walks inside)

Ankie appears and approaches Bernice.

Ankie: So, we’re half-way through, what do you think?

Bernice: Wow. You weren’t kidding when you said they were goodlooking… I’m very happy with the guys I’ve met so far. It’s gonna be killer to try to pick from them!

Ankie: Well Bernice, you have five more to go and they’re all just as great. You’ll have a difficult decision to make. Good Luck. Now you’ll meet the last five guys (walks away)

Bernice: Thanks. I can’t wait.

The camera zooms to the limo as the door opens, revealing first a polished black shoe and then the figure of a man.

Next out of the limo is Kenneth Ma.

As he walked out of the limo, Kenneth waved to Bernice with a goofy grin on his face. (She waved back & gave him her big smile) He walked down the candle-lit pathway in urbanely strides.

Kenneth: Hey, I’m Kenneth. Nice to meet you.

Bernice: Hey, I’m Bernice. It’s nice to meet you too Kenneth.

Kenneth: Well, I’ve thought about what I should say in our first meeting…so I actually have a joke for you. Is that ok? (smiles shyly)

Bernice: No. I don’t like jokes (looking very serious)

Seeing the baffled looking Kenneth, Bernice quickly laughed.

Bernice: Just kidding (Big smile) Haha. gotcha! (lightly pushes his arm)

Kenneth (wiping perspiration from his forehead and smiling goofily with relief): You got me worried there…I had it all planned…haha

Bernice: Actually I LOVE jokes. I bet I already know the one you’re gonna tell!

Kenneth: I hope you don’t. Promise me if you’ve heard it before, you’ll laugh so I don’t feel stupid.

Bernice: I’ll try, I’ll try.

Kenneth: Ok. Here we go…

Snow White received a camera as a gift. She happily took pictures of the Dwarfs and their surroundings. When she finished her first batch she took the film to be developed. After a week or so she went to get the finished photos. The clerk said the photos were not back from the processor.
Needless to say, she was disappointed and started to cry. The clerk, trying to console her, said,

“Don’t worry. Someday your prints will come”.

Bernice: Haha, that’s a cute joke. I’ve never heard that one before honestly. (smiling broadly) Kinda corny, but cute!

Kenneth: Aw… thanks for being nice. Well here’s a riddle for you then:

Why are the French Fries and ketchup better at Burger King than they are at McDonalds?

Bernice: They’re not?!

Kenneth: Haha. I agree, but that’s not the answer.

Bernice: Haha, I don’t know. What’s the answer?

Kenneth: Think about it. I won’t tell you til later…

Bernice: Ok. Be like that. I’ll see you later inside then…and you BETTER tell me!

Kenneth: See you inside.

Smiling, Kenneth walks towards the mansion, but as he turns his head around his sleeve gets stuck on a protruding tree branch.

Kenneth: Oops! (blushes in embarrassment as he hears Bernice laughing in the background; he unhooks himself and quickly power walks to the mansion)

Next out of the limo is Vin Choi.

Bernice: Hey I’m Bernice. Nice to meet you.

Vin: I’m Vin….oh, you dropped something…(looks down)

Bernice: (looks down as well puzzled) What?

Vin: My jaw…haha…’

Bernice: OMG, I can’t believe I fell for that one! haha. (smiling)

Vin: You’re the first girl I tried that on.

Bernice: Sure I am, I don’t believe you anymore.

Vin: Aw…I wouldn’t lie to you. I’ll prove it to you. Just keep me around…give me some time.

Bernice: Haha. Sure. Well, I look forward to seeing you inside.

Vin: Aw..Do I have to go inside? Can’t I stay here w/ you?!

Bernice: Well, don’t ask me…ask the other guys coming out of the limo! haha.

Vin: Ok. I’ll be courteous. But when it comes to love, I’m not so sure I can be so mannerly! (chuckles and walks inside)

Limo #3 pulls up with Zac, Sammul, and Stephen Huyhn.

First out of the limo is Zac Kao.

Bernice: Hey, I’m Bernice. Nice to meet you.

Zac: Hi. I’m Zac (shakes her hand). You look very nice tonight.

Bernice: Thanks. Well you do too! (flashes her pretty smile)

Zac: Actually, you’re just like I imagined you. It’s like we’ve met before.. haha

Bernice: haha. Are you using that line on me? (giggles)

Zac: If it works…if it works (chuckles)

Bernice: I think it did haha. Ok, well, I’ll see you inside later…

Zac: Before I go in, may I have a hug? (arms opened)

Bernice: Why certainly (smiles and gives him a hug)

Camera shifts to Bernice’s Private Interview (PI)

Bernice: Now that I think of it, Zac looks familiar too and he’s cute. Wait, he looks like someone I know…my brother (cracks up)!

Next out of the limo is Sammul Chan.

Walking with a slight feminine sway, Sammul’s face broke into a cute smile, revealing his two little dimples. He extended his hand to Bernice, who thinking it was handshake, extended her’s too. However, Sammul clasp his other hand on Bernice’s hand and held it as he spoke.

Bernice: Hi, I’m Bernice. (looking from her hand clasped in his and then into his gleaming eyes)

Sammul: Hello. I’m Sammul. I’m so happy to finally meet you (removing one of his hands from her for a millisecond in order to display his feminine gestures). I saw you on the show last season…and it broke me into tears watching you leave like that.

Bernice: Oh wow, you watched the show? It takes a real man to admit to both that and crying!

Sammul: Haha. Well a guy should have a sensitive side. I feel that we have a LOT in common so I’m very looking forward to spending time with you.

Bernice: I’m looking forward to that too! (smiles)

Sammul: Oh yeah, btw, your dress is gorgeous…you have wonderful taste in clothes!

Bernice: Thanks. Well, I’ll see you inside later than.

Sammul walks off kinda giddy and you see Bernice break out in a slight chuckle.

Next out of the limo is Stephen Huyhn.

Camera zooms to Bernice who is looking as Stephen walks out of the limo.

Bernice: Wow. (a big smile and gleaming eyes)

Although the most informally clad, walking out in his unbuttoned blue and white-striped dress shirt over which he wore a dark greyish-brown sweater and a pair of jeans, Stephen walked down the path with strides that exuded nothing but sexiness.

Stephen: Vous êtes beau. Vous avez captivé mon coeur (French to English: You’re beautiful. You’ve captivated my heart). (kisses her on the hand)

Bernice: Merci. (blushing a little) I’m Bernice, it’s great to meet you.

Stephen: I’m Stephen. (confident smile and using his eyes to electrify her) Do you believe in love at first sight? Or do I have to walk out of the limo again? (sly smile)

Bernice: Haha. I don’t think you need to (smiles)

Stephen: (chuckles) Good. That was a long road…

Bernice: Well, I look forwarding to spending time w/ you inside.

Stephen: Me too. (he leans in to kiss Bernice on the cheek)

As he leaves, Bernice is fanning her face. Silently mouthing “It’s getting hott in here! Woo…”

Ankie appears again and walks up to Bernice.

Ankie: Are you ready to get this party started?

Bernice: Yes. Very ready!

Together, they walk into the house.


Ok. The next chapter will be on the little banquet-like party inside the mansion, where Bernice will get to sit down and talk to the guys. There she will present one of the guys with an “Impression Rose” which marks the one who has made the strongest first impression on her and he’ll receive the first one-on-one date w/ her.

Now it’s time for you guys to predict who’ll get the very first rose. The first night will not have any eliminations. Also, make a list based on the intros who you think is in Bernice’s “Hot” and “Not” list! Have fun!

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The Final Rose: Season 5 – Bernice Liu

Season Preview Video:

Season Overview Sneak Peak:

*Watch the video above but if it doesn’t work well go to this link to watch it (it’s a lot better to go to my sharepage link as oppose to watching the youtube above…):



Last season, Bernice Liu danced onto our TV screens and stole all our hearts. Certain that this charismatic and gorgeous young lady likewise captivated Bachelor Moses Chan’s love, millions were crushed as they watched the shocking finale where Bernice left in tears. While Moses, the interior designer, along with his chosen, Sonija Kwok, a flight attendant, have found their happy ending, Bernice returns and embarks on a journey to search for her Happily Ever After. With ten guys vying for her heart, this time around our Princess will do the choosing, determining her own fate. Will the Princess find her Prince…or will she leave in tears once more?

The Bachelorette:

Bernice Liu

Age: 29

Job: Corporate Executive in Fashion Empire

Bernice was born in Prince Rupert, British Columbia (Canada) and attended the University of British Columbia, majoring in Marketing and Finance. The middle child in a family of 5, Bernice has developed a love for dancing (ballet), kickboxing and tae kwon do at an early age. This sporty and happy-go-lucky beauty also has a strong love for animals, currently owning a family of 5 dogs (Mac, Bailey, Cappucino, Kahlua & Latte). Aside from being a high ranking executive, Bernice also had experience modeling for her companies products, showing off her alluring figure and charming aurora. Despite all the glitz and glamor from her job, at the end fo the day, this Princess just enjoys spending time with her family, including her precious pups, and relaxing in the warmth and peace of her home.

Despite her heartbreak last season, Bernice remains optimistic in her search for love. While one would wonder how this gorgeous young lady is unable to find love, she simply explains that her busy schedule prevents her from developing a deep relationship with anyone as she is someone that takes some time to warm up to others. She’s really happy to be given another chance at love and hopes to find someone who will make her laugh and smile for the rest of her life. We, too, hope our Princess will be swept off her feet by Prince Charming!

The Contestants:

Raymond Lam

Age: 28

Job: Entrepreneur & heir to Real Estate empire

How/Why He’s on the Show:

“I was actually asked to be the Bachelor for last season, but due to scheduling conflicts, I couldn’t make it. My ex-girlfriend had nominated me for the show since she’s a fan of it. I was approached again a few months back, and since I had some time, I decided to give it a go. After all, it’s been really hard to find the right person with all the time I spend at work. I thought maybe with this opportunity I would find the right girl…preferably with a ponytail..haha. I believe that anything’s possible, so I’m going into this with an open mind and heart.”

Ron Ng

Age: 28

Job: TVB Dancer

How/Why He’s on the Show:

“I was nominated by a coworker to be the Bachelor, but ended up being asked to be one of the contestants. I’m pretty excited about this opportunity. With my unstable lifestyle as a dancer, it’s been really hard to commit to a long-term relationship…and of course, I take some of the blame. I have high hopes about finding my ‘Ms. Right’…hopefully she likes dancing…”

Sammul Chan

Age: 30

Job: Stylist

How/Why He’s on the Show:

“People always seem to question my sexuality…and I’ve had some trouble finding a girl who appreciates my sensitive side in real life so I figured I’d give it a try on TV. I’ve always liked watching the show and I feel that Bernice and I have a lot in common…I think she just might be the person I’m looking for…”

Kenneth Ma

Age: 34

Job: Mechanical Engineer

How/Why He’s on the Show:
“I’ve never really watched the show before…but I was forced to watch like 10 minutes of the finale of last season during a family dinner, and half that time my two older sisters were screaming at the TV about who should be chosen. My sisters are big fans of the show, you see, and when they found out who the Bachelorette was, they pressured me into applying for the show. I thought my Mom would save me from this, but she ended up wanting me to give it a try as well…I’ve always wanted to have my own family and lots of kids, but I haven’t found the one yet and I surely never thought of finding her through a TV show. My sisters ended up submitting my application and a video of me, and two months later, I got a call. I couldn’t believe it. I filmed the most boring intro video…haha..they must have too many exciting guys and they needed a boring one to balance it all out. I’m probably there so they can eliminate me the first night. I figured I’d give it a try…there’s nothing to lose and maybe a beautiful wife to gain…”

Zac Kao

Age: 30

Job: Singer/Songwriter

How/Why He’s on the Show:

“One day I was just writing a song, and came up with the theme of a rose and a single rose petal left. I was sitting in my room for hours thinking, but came up with two lines. Then, I turned on the TV for inspiration and saw the recruitment for the show. The name completely drew me to apply. I guess I saw it as fate, like God was telling me that it’s time for me to find “the one” here through the show.”

Vin Choi

Age: 24

Job: Photographer

How/Why He’s on the Show:

“A few of my female friends were watching the show one day and I was forced to watch it with them. I saw Bernice and I thought she was completely my type. When they found out that she would be the Bachelorette, my friends decided to nominate me for the show. When they called me, I figured I’d give it a try. After all, Bernice is very attractive…what guy would not want to meet her?”

Stephen Hyunh

Age: 29

Job: Fitness Instructor

How/Why He’s on the Show:

“I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, maybe that’s because I grew up in France. My coworkers and friends all told me I’d be perfect for the show. And since I’m single at the moment and the recruitment video looked so romantic, I applied. I’m confident that I will win over her heart…and hopefully she’ll win mine…”

Matthew Ko

Age: 24

Job: Ice Hockey Trainer/Bartender

How/Why He’s on the Show:

“My friend and I decided to apply for the show for fun over the summer. However, he didn’t get a call, but I did. It was suppose to be joke, but actually, I think deep inside I’ve always wanted to meet the right woman in my life; it’s just that she hasn’t come along. Since I’m here alone, I won’t let my manly pride get the best of me. I’m 100% into this process and will take it seriously.”

Chris Lai

Age: 28

Job: Graphic Designer

How/Why He’s on the Show:

“I’ve always been that guy that gets his heart broken. Somehow, my relationships never seem to work out. I’m just looking for a chance to meet someone who can eventually become my soulmate, but if not, then it’d be great to make an extra friend or two. I try to remain optimistic amidst all my past failures. Maybe I’ll find her this time!”

Stephen Wong


Job: Architect

How/Why He’s on the Show:

“I haven’t really had much experience in love. I’ve always been on the shy side. So I hope, with a bunch of guys around, I’d take a chance and try something bold. What I’ve done all my life hasn’t exactly gotten me a lasting relationship, so maybe taking this out of character approach to find love on TV will work….hopefully it will!”

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Welcome to The Final Rose….

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – We are not currently opened yet. Stay tune for our official grand opening, which will be advertised on and asianfanatics and our sister sites! Thanks!